Descendants of Edward Howe

186. Charles O.11 Howe (Minor H.10, Orville9, Lucius8, Solomon7, Jeremiah6, Jeremiah5, Jeremiah4, Jeremiah3, Jeremiah2, Edward1) was born March 10, 1913 in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, and died November 27, 1987 in Akron, Ohio. He married Dorothy Maybelle France April 19, 1937 in Akron, Ohio, daughter of Roland France and Margaret Poelking. She was born March 27, 1918 in Akron, Ohio and died November 8, 2007 in Akron, Ohio.

6/15/97 In 1915, he was about two years of age when his mother died. Served in the 3-Cs camp during his 20's. He was 6 years of age during 1920 census. His stepmother was Alice Squires. April 19, 1937, married Dorothy France at St. Martha's Rectory, Akron. Had a brother Ralph and a sister Ruth. He fathered 11 children from Dorothy France Howe.

3/13/98 From a personal interview with Mom( Mrs. Dorothy Howe) , we have learned that Dad ( Charles) when he was young man was into exercising and body building. He was a boxer during this time and went by the name "Sammy" or "Red". He worked on the WPA and help support his sister Ruth after her husband had died. After his dad married Alice Squires, Charles basically had to support himself with what ever needs he had. He sold papers for the Akron Times Press and the Akron Beacon Journal and this is how he put himself through school.

It was not uncommon for him to run from 329 Stow Street, Cuyahoga Falls where he lived to Monroe Falls or even to his Uncle Charlie's farm in Richfield, Ohio. He and Dorothy were acquainted with one another but did not officially date until she was about 17. Charles worked many jobs during his life including Falls Machine were he earned $.13/hr. For the most part Charles was a self made man. When the great depression struck mom can remember how dad took his high school diploma with him everywhere he went to look for work. Dad became a machinist by trade and ended up working for Delker Mfg., Cleveland, Ohio in 1958 and where he retired from in 1980.

4/5/98 From James R. Howe we learn that dad's boxing name was "Kid-K.O.". Jim learned this from Lloyd Grant. "Sammy" and "Red" were nick names for dad. Dad had red hair hence the nickname "Red".

Children of Charles Howe and Dorothy France are:

    208 i. Charles David12 Howe, born January 12, 1938 in Akron , Ohio. He married Ruth Redwine October 1958.

    209 ii. Harry Thomas Howe, born December 23, 1938 in Akron , Ohio.

    210 iii. James Roland Howe, born December 19, 1940 in Akron , Ohio.

    211 iv. Ralph Eugene Howe, born August 12, 1943 in Akron , Ohio.

    212 v. Richard Minor Howe, born August 26, 1947 in Akron , Ohio.

    213 vi. Robert Clearance Howe, born July 15, 1951 in Akron , Ohio. He married Becky Bell July 18, 1992 in Macedonia, Ohio.

    214 vii. Dorothy Ann Howe, born January 25, 1954 in Akron , Ohio.

    215 viii. Edward Lee Howe, born November 08, 1955 in Akron , Ohio.

    216 ix. Donald Allan Howe, born September 27, 1958 in Akron , Ohio.

    Notes for Donald Allan Howe:

    3/15/98 I began researching the family history as early as 1996. From bit's and pieces I have assembled the Howe History as far back as Lucius Howe with high level of certainty. As of February 1998, brother Jim uncovered the Howe Genealogies which takes us back to Edward Howe of Lynn in 1635. The binding tie lies in determining who Lucius Howes parents were and where they lived. The Howe Genealogies shows that Lucius Howe's parents where Solomon Howe and Martha Hackett. This has yet to be researched enough to be authentic. Finding this information will unequivocally bind the Howe Genealogies with the research I have done.

    217 x. Michael John Howe, born September 20, 1960 in Akron , Ohio.

    218 xi. Victor Paul Howe, born July 04, 1965 in Akron , Ohio.

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